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Essure® is the only permanent birth control you can get with a non-surgical procedure. It can help you stop worrying about an unplanned pregnancy.

Non-surgical Procedure

The Essure procedure is usually completed in about 10 minutes and can be performed right in your doctor’s office.

Quick Recovery

Most women go home 45 minutes after the procedure and return to normal activities within a day or two.


Essure inserts do not contain or release any hormones.


Essure is over 99% effective at permanently preventing pregnancy.*


Essure has been available for over 10 years.

Used by many

Approximately 750,000 women and their doctors have chosen Essure for permanent birth control. To hear what some of them have to say, click here.

May be available at no cost

If you have health insurance, Essure might be fully covered. Learn more here.

You must continue to use another form of birth control until you have your Essure Confirmation Test and your doctor verifies that the Essure inserts are in the correct location and that you can rely on Essure for birth control.

*Based on clinical study data.
Based on units sold worldwide.
Some restrictions apply.
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